This part of your brain is dead anyway.


In addition to the concern that I may wake up without a nose after surgery I was also concerned about what could happen to my brain. It had been explained to me that in order to be sure that all cancer cells were removed the section of my brain that was in contact with the tumor would have to be removed as well. The idea that part of my brain would be removed was alarming.

I addressed this concern with my Neurosurgeon the week before my surgery. The frontal lobe is responsible for many things such as: memory, personality, motor function, higher order functions, planning, reasoning, judgment, and impulse control. When I looked at each one of these things and thought of the possibility of losing that function it is very frightening. I would imagine waking up from surgery and the possibility of not knowing who I am, who my parents are, who my boyfriend is, or no control over my basic motor functions.

My doctor listened to my reservations and at the end he pulled up an image from my MRI, and pointed to the part of my brain that would be removed. He said, “Do you see this part here that is a little bit darker?” I nodded. “Well, that part of your brain is dead anyway.” Then he looked back at me before continuing, “and, you seem to be fine.”




Even though he was right, and I am fine, I still use it as an excuse when applicable. If I make a mistake on something I usually say, “Well, you know a section of my brain was removed.” I find it to be quite helpful.

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05.11 | 16:12

I am so sorry you had to experience this, Becky. But one thing no stinking fire can take away from you is this: You're an awesome writer. Keep on producing!!

15.04 | 16:00

You are the first person that I have heard from that has this bugger! feel free to reach out to me in the contact me section. Limited response in this section

15.04 | 03:48

Wow. IHow are you doing with the Teratocarcinosarcoma. I was diagnosed with it last September.

15.11 | 18:32

Wow! What an inspirational story! I hope that you continue to share. And for those that don't get it. Try and fit in her shoes one day.